Advices from our experts

You will enjoy peace of mind when you entrust your projects to people like us with proven expertise in the field of envelopes.

We can advise you on a wide range of ways to facilitate project management, improve your product, increase your marketing campaign’s response rate via direct marketing, reduce your project’s environmental footprint, and even reduce your costs.

Our team is here to help you!

Some suggestions :


Does your organization hope to reduce its environmental footprint? Do you mail out millions of envelopes every year? Talk to us about your objectives and we will come up with a range of solutions for you to achieve them.

Do you have a large-scale envelope manufacturing project? Would you like to review the budget for your project? Contact our team and they will be happy to help you find a solution!

Every year, Canada Post and the US Postal Service modify various specifications, including those pertaining to printable areas on envelopes. Therefore, if printing appears in a quiet zone, this can affect your mailing and even lead to penalties being charged. Our experts can analyze your product to ensure compliance with all specifications. That way, your mailing will be problem-free!

Did your latest direct mail marketing campaign fail to generate the expected response rate? Our experts can advise you on a range of subtleties concerning envelope manufacturing and printing with an eye to increasing your chances of success.

Would you like to enhance the colours of your logo on your envelopes so they reflect the dynamism of your business? To obtain the desired results, we recommend opting for lithographing.

Do you send out millions of envelopes to your customers every year? We recommend our “high-efficiency” envelopes, which ensure that the insertion process goes smoothly.