Company logos

Your written communications are important to you, as is your company’s visibility “on paper”. We will be happy to take good care of your brand image, so be sure to ask us to print your company logo on your billing envelopes, advertising envelopes, or any other mailing related-products.


Special window envelopes

Whether the window you need is square, round, rectangular, L-shaped, or another type, select the shape and position that are best suited to your concept and mailing specifications. If you would like to include multiple windows on the same envelope, we can do that too!

To reduce your costs, select a regular window measuring 1 1/8″ x 4 1/2″ (positioned 5/8″ from the left-hand edge and 3/4″ from the bottom edge of the envelope).


Tear-off coupon

Envelopes with detachable reply devices (e.g. coupons) are often used by organizations to gather information on consumer address changes or by foundations requesting monetary donations by mail.

The detachable coupon is located on the back and must be detached before the envelope can be sealed. Once the form on the coupon has been filled out, the consumer simply inserts it into the reply envelope provided. This procedure will facilitate and standardize your data collection process, in addition to ensuring that the required information is available in a single glance.


Numbered envelopes

We can provide you with individually numbered envelopes (i.e. each one has a different number printed on it).


Embossed envelopes

Enhance your logo by selecting our embossing feature. This is an elegant touch for your envelopes!


Perforated envelopes

We can punch the required number of holes you need for your product. Perforation allows you to glance at an envelope and determine whether it contains a document—and thus to avoid throwing one out by mistake. This process is primarily used when manufacturing large “internal mail” envelopes.


Special flap

The flap of your envelope can be of a specific size and/or shape (e.g. round, square, or triangular). For further information, please consult our “Envelopes 101” assistance tool.


Special opening features



We can manufacture envelopes by applying a latex-based adhesive to the flap. This enables your customers to reseal the envelope without having to moisten the adhesive.

Among other things, this process is used by financial institutions, which recommend the use of this adhesive for banking machine envelopes.


Buttons and strings

Envelopes with buttons and strings are often used for internal mail purposes. Since the front often includes a table allowing the listing of the sender and recipient identification, these envelopes can be reused on multiple occasions.

We primarily produce this type of envelope for governmental institutions and large companies, and usually add a perforation (please refer to the “Perforated envelopes” section). This allows you to tell at a glance whether an envelope contains a document, and thus helps prevent throwing one away inadvertently.


Peel and seal envelopes

This process allows you to reseal the envelope without having to moisten the adhesive. Simply peel off the protective strip on the flap and reseal the envelope.

This process is primarily used in the manufacturing of large-size envelopes, such as the 9″ x 12″ format.


Zip closure envelopes

Primarily used for direct mail marketing campaigns, the “Zip” closure feature allows you to grab your recipients’ attention thanks to the originality of this envelope type. It’s sure to increase the number of potential customers who will open the envelope and discover your offer!


CD/DVD enveloppes

The half-moon flap is primarily used for envelopes containing a CD or DVD since they can be closed without being sealed. The flap has no adhesive on it.


Reinforcement eyelet

A reinforced eyelet is actually a perforation surrounded by a ring located on the envelope flap. This feature is primarily used for internal mail since the user can hang the envelope from a hook and reuse it multiple times.


Metallic clasp

Primarily used for internal mail, the metallic fastener is located on the envelope flap and allows for multiple reuse of the envelope.



The “intertac” feature, enables you to seal and unseal the envelope flap multiple times. That way, your product can be reused several times.

A perforation (please refer to the “Perforated envelopes” section) can be added to the envelope. This allows you to tell at a glance whether an envelope contains a document and thus helps prevent throwing one away inadvertently.

These envelopes are primarily used for internal mail purposes.