Eco friendly envelopes


FSC-certified paper

The vast majority of our products are manufactured from FSC-certified paper. In addition to supporting responsible forest management, this enables our customers to select environmentally friendly products.

Whenever an envelope is made from this type of paper, the FSC logo is printed on the back in the lower right corner of the envelope. The presence of this logo guarantees that the paper is FSC-certified. Furthermore, it demonstrates to the consumers that the company carrying out the mailing is taking important steps towards protecting the environment.


100% recycled paper

We can manufacture envelopes from white paper (known as Enviro100) or natural Kraft paper (known as Enviro Kraft), both of which are made in Canada and contain 100% recycled fibres. Whenever you opt for these environmentally friendly options, you are reducing your environmental footprint!


Starch-based window envelopes

In addition to supplying envelopes made from recycled paper, we offer our customers the opportunity to opt for starch-based window envelopes. This means that your product will be completely biodegradable.