Special materials


Tyvek envelopes

Tyvek envelopes are produced from a synthetic material that resembles paper. Since this material is waterproof and virtually untearable, your documents will be protected from inclement weather and your envelopes will be more durable.


Polyethylene envelopes

Polyethylene envelopes are water-resistant and robust. They resemble a high-quality plastic bag.

Polyethylene envelopes are ideal for storing documents. Simply add a “peel and seal” strip on the envelope flap to ensure a waterproof seal.


Bubble envelopes

If you need to send fragile items to your customers, we suggest you use bubble envelopes to better protect your products against impact and inclement weather.


Cardboard envelopes

Ideal for transporting and storing documents, cardboard envelopes offer superior protection for do-not-fold documents.