Advisory services

Our team is made up of people who feel passionately about envelopes! Their expertise and experience are the keys to our success as advisors.

Whether you are concerned about envelope design, printing, image layout, or compliance with Canada Post or US Postal Service (USPS) standards, our team is here to support you throughout all stages of your project.

In addition, if you would like to undertake a direct mail marketing campaign, our team will share with you their secrets for a successful campaign to ensure that your target market’s response rate is as high as it can be.

Thanks to our turnkey service, you can entrust us with all of your project’s production-related aspects. In addition to taking care of manufacturing your envelopes, we will also manage the conteption of its contents, the insertions, and the mailing out. Your peace of mind will be ensured knowing that we will deliver your project on time at a competitive price.