The environment: actions speak louder than words

The Enveloppe Concept team is committed to conducting its manufacturing operations in an environmentally responsible way. With that goal in mind, we have developed a set of responsible practices governing the use of raw materials, production facilities, and product management via internal programs.


Raw materials

  • FSC-COC certification, a “license to produce” with paper from well-managed forests.
  • 100% recycling of surplus and waste paper.
  • Full recovery and recycling of ink.
  • Use of starch-based window material (“glassine”).
  • Use of water-based adhesives and monitoring of a program aimed at reusing glue containers.
  • Full recovery and recycling of chemicals used to produce printing plates.


Production facilities

  • Water used in the equipment is recovered and reused.
  • Heat produced by the plant is recovered.
  • Electricity is stored and redistributed.


Internal programs

  • Program to purchase raw materials in large quantities to reduce packaging and to minimize the company’s environmental footprint by reducing transportation needs.
  • Recycling program for boxes and wooden palettes for major accounts.