Printing preparation

Enveloppe Concept team will make your ordering process easy while offering an excellent service and superior quality products.

Graphic design services

Our team provides professional graphic design proof services featuring state-of-the-art technology.

The graphic design department is able to:

  • Create and verify your proofs.
  • Modify and enhance your graphic designs, if needed
  • Make the required adjustments to ensure that all printed materials are in compliance with postal standards.
  • Prepare the files for direct-to-plate printing.

We use Adobe’s Creative Suite for graphic design purposes. We primarily use the Illustrator software, although we accept other file formats as well. When you submit your graphic designs, you will be asked to submit your original compressed files, together with a PDF file for viewing purposes.

Printing process

Since printing results may vary slightly from a graphic design to the actual printing of the envelope, various factors should be taken into consideration prior to manufacturing.
Our advisors will recommend the best ways to obtain excellent results.

The manufacturing process will only begin once the client has approved the final design proof.